Development of custom software

Staff management

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The system is intended for automation of personnel management service activity in medium-sized and large companies and holding companies including those that have a wide network of branches.

Main features

  • Automated preparation of the personnel documents of the company primary activity,
  • Generation and control of the personnel working timesheet,
  • Staff recruitment, certification, training and development management,
  • Staff list maintenance,
  • Management of the company expenses for labor remuneration.

Implementation features

The system is based on DoXtream platform that allows the user to change the existing document types easily and create new types at any stage of the system life cycle.

The platform provides change history management, allows the user to attach the data entities (files) of any structure to the document, provides the most flexible and powerful management of the user access permissions to the documents (inhibition of editing, limitation of the document field view, access restriction to document list packages etc.). The system also provides a flexible mechanism of generating printable document versions and reports in the widespread formats (PDF, Word, Excel).

If necessary, the following modules can be integrated into the system:

  • • Customizable Workflow mechanism that provides various document agreement and approval processes,
  • • Document e-signing according to Electronic Digital Signature and XMLDSIG-CORE standards

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