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Development of healthcare information system Medtranet

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Medtranet is a major hospital information system intended to manage almost all automated processes in a modern hospital. The Customer was a German company so we had to allow for the medical service peculiarities in Germany while developing software. The system serves the patient from the moment of his/her admission to hospital up to his/her complete recovery.

It was planned to install the system in dozens of hospitals. The system is to have a host server and a great number of proxy-servers responsible for reference data caching and connection to the host server.

As for interface, the system is to be installed for users of different type and qualification. Consequently, each user has an interface depending on the user’s responsibilities.

Among a great number of works performed by our company in this project we would like to point out the following main components of the system:

Workflow system

This server part is a core of Medtranet which is responsible for staff control and staff and equipment work scheduling in the hospital. It allows the users to put staff work in good order, control all patient treatment stages from admission to discharge, record all procedures patients underwent, prepare final documents (including bills). Concept of the system was developed by our company, the client specified the details.

Workflow visual designer

Workflow developing and debugging/checkout. The designer allows the user to design workflow visually, to save and edit workflow, to simulate workflow operation, to import/export workflow as XML-file. The designer was based on the Customer’s outline.

As a result of this subproject, a component of the workflow pattern visual development was made. It is a master-detail designer which shows slave workflows in the hierarchy tree master and allows the user to edit activities and all dependent entities (actors, documents, services etc.) of any hierarchy level.

Reference data caching server

This server element is a proxy-component of the system. It performs caching of the data that is rarely changed. Some clients of the system are remote from the host server, the communications channel is often too narrow and its data throughput has become critical. Compression of the data to be transferred can not solve the problem. In order to solve the problem we developed the concept of the proxy-servers that perform caching of the reference book data. In case the data is changed in the host server, the caching server downloads a new version automatically. This solution lets us decrease load on data transfer channel and increase operating speed acceptable for the client.

Medtranet/OpenOffice integration

It permits the user to work with OpenOffice using the client application. The user can work with OpenOffice documents, create new documents based on document templates, exchange data between document fields and system objects, save documents in the database.

Module of data exchange with external systems

This component is a framework for data exchange with external systems. It permits general-purpose bidirectional data exchange with external systems. The system is based on JMS, information is presented as XML-messages. Open Source products such as OpenJMS and OpenAdaptor were used in development. The clients use this module to exchange data with SAP and HL 7 systems.

INEK export

In accordance with Institute for the Hospital Remuneration System (InEK) requirements all hospitals in Germany had to transfer data to InEK for centralized processing starting from 01.08.2002. For a really short period (several days only) we developed a module of data export from the Medtranet system of the required format that allowed the customer to start data exchange in time.

Service data import from SAP system into Medtranet

The Medtranet system includes a special-purpose module of data import from SAP. The subsystem of service data import form SAP into Medtranet was developed based on the above module in accordance with HL 7 standard 2.4 version.

Document form visual designer

This is a visual component of Medtranet system that allows the end user to process graphic and printing document forms. It includes WYSIWYG designer with absolute and relative positioning. It allows the user to store forms in XML format, to carry out versioning of the forms, import/export from/into XML as well as to edit XML-documents in the forms the user developed.

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