Development of custom software


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DanoneSince 2005 enhancement of functionality and maintenance of the developed software.

General Company Information

Danone group has got subsidiaries on 5 continents, in 150 countries and employs over eighty-six thousand people. There are two Danone dairy factories in Russia that employ about 2500 people.

Main Cooperation Sphere

Danone-Bolshevik uses Scala system for operational business accounting. However, this system is not good enough at preliminary delivery order processing, finished production delivery planning and control as well as production planning. To eliminate these shortcomings our company developed the new software consisting of two modules called EXPRESS (used for delivery processing) and PLANNING (used for Production Master Schedule developing).

Since 2005 we have been carrying out software maintenance of these systems including the following services:

  1. Operational service of the Customer end users inquiries to solve non-standard situations in the system operation.
  2. Development of software for control of database state of the additional applications and their compliance with Scala DBMS.
  3. Documentation of the program code of the additional software and database structure.
  4. Maintenance of the Customer software text relevance and enhancement of the Customer CIS additional software functionality.

At present we are working on preparation and deployment of the distributed personnel accounting system (HR system) for Danone companies in Russia based on DoXtream workflow system. This system will replace the existing one

Projects for Danone

Reference letter from Danone

Reference letter from Danone