Development of custom software

Development of Verhandlung (Negotiator) software system for 3M Medica GmbH

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Software called «Verhandlung» («Negotiator») was developed for the insurance company which has to negotiate with clinics about budget.

The project was based on the following technologies and libraries: Java (SWING, JAXP, JDBC), Jakarta POI.

We developed the following (main) parts of this system ordered by the Customer:

  1. Work with clinics data performed as pages (bookmarks) with data entry fields and calculation results.

    We would like to point out flexibility of the system as a distinguishing feature. The system was developed with the capability of flexible adjustment of its most components that makes significant changes possible without the source code recompilation.

    For instance, all the clinics data being used (shown and edited), namely location of the entry fields, their connection with storage (tables and database fields), calculated fields (formulas) as well as other relations are performed in the configuration file (XML). As a result, the composition of the data the program works with, their location and appearance are completely customizable.

  2. «Budgetverhandlung» («Calculation Sheets») visual component is a module for simultaneous presentation/editing the budget data of different time periods (columns). The data Budgetverhandlung works with are presented as tables and paginated. The layout (XML file) determines static and dynamic structure of the document as well as gives all formulas (edited and calculated cells). It is possible to add/remove rows, fold row groups and columns. This component can be used as a part of Verhandlung and as a separate application.

    Budgetverhandlung works with formulas for sets of the data. As a result, we developed an interesting conception that applies formulas to the multidimensional data. This concept allows the system to recalculate the formulas only for those sets of the data that depend on the changed values and to avoid recalculation of all the formulas/data. The developed mechanism implementing this concept helped us meet the Customer’s new requirements of additional types of calculations easily and fast.

  3. Import/Export

    The application supports import/export of the data from Excel documents that have specific format for the given field. POI library was used to work with Excel files. The program supports various formats specified in the configuration files. While importing it also provides automatic format identification which is based on the analysis of the statistical data of the imported values distribution and their correspondence to the existing format configurations.

    We would like to note that in order to increase speed and decrease memory consumption when downloading big volumes of data the event-driven models of the corresponding parsers/loaders (XML SAX, POI Event Model) were used.