Development of custom software

Touch-screen kiosks (payment terminals, self-service terminals)

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Software for self-service terminals

The touch-screen kiosks intended for online service payment transactions and simplifying payment acceptance are placed at any modern city nowadays. Self-service kiosks are installed in banks, supermarkets, airports, gas stations and other places where people can pay for services fast. The payment terminals can have both money acceptors and built-in card readers, reading information from plastic cards (smart-cards).

Payment terminals are compact touch-screen kiosks equipped with software and providing automatic service for the clients.

Performance Capabilities

Development of the proper software for self-service terminals allows us to increase functionality of the touch-screen kiosks and provide their continuous operation. Terminal software completely provides its functionality, easy use and, as a result, its efficiency.


Development of software ordered for touch-screen kiosks and for self-service systems is one of our company main activities. We propose special-purpose solutions for the terminal operation adapted to the specified tasks of the Client. The developed software meets all specified requirements completely and increases the payment terminal functionality to the maximum. For instance, in some projects we propose smart card authorization to use the terminal services, as well as use of fiscal printers intended for recording all the payments in the terminal memory. Over all years of activity our company has carried out some large projects so we have achieved actual results of our work.


Client/Server software solutions are classical technological framework for the modern payment terminal network operation. Our company developed solutions allow you to secure transfer of information connected with financial transaction to the biggest extent and provide screen-touch kiosk remote maintenance. We propose state-of-the-art software engineering frameworks (Microsoft .NET, WPF) and database management systems - Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle. In development of software for payment terminals one of the dominant roles belongs to the visual interface design as errors in design and interface difficult for visual perception may cause reduction of the clients number. Our company performs visual design to special order depending on the field of the payment terminal application and operational features.


Within the next few years the demand for screen-touch kiosks will be growing and the market will require up-to-date software. Our company has all capabilities to satisfy the growing demand for development of payment terminal software and is willing to carry out individual orders meeting all specified requirements.