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About company

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Arsis has been specializing in software development on a by-order basis and corporate information system implementation since 1993.

Today our company provides a full range of programming services such as development, deployment and maintenance of information systems for enterprises and companies working in different fields. The following projects can serve as good examples of our successful work:

  • information, reference, accounting, technological medical systems for health care providers/institutions,
  • warehouse operation automation systems for the ground handling of air cargo and mail carriages.
  • business process management systems for trading and manufacturing companies,
  • security components and systems,
  • housing and communal services management systems,
  • applications for mobile devices (Microsoft Windows Mobile, Java ME).


Arsis has a necessary set of modern technologies that allow us to integrate subsystems operated by the Customer into one common corporate information system of the enterprise. In addition to this, our company is experienced in development of modern modular multilevel systems based on Microsoft .NET, Java, C++. In particular, our company has experience in design and deployment of business process management systems and workflow systems in medium-sized and big enterprises based on B2B technologies. Such systems can be developed for domestic companies and for enterprises working with foreign companies and having wide networks of branches and for foreign companies as well.


Without doubt the most valuable resource of the company is its people. Most of the employees have been working in Arsis for many years and the company’s team consists of outcome driven professionals taking a great interest in their work. Arsis engineers study new technologies used for information system development to meet modern reliability and functionality requirements.


Solutions proposed by Arsis are always based on the experience already gained by the enterprise that allows the Customer to benefit from the investments made earlier. Before starting a project the enterprise growth prospects have to be assessed. This approach allows us to lay down the mechanisms of the projects being implemented for the system modification and development in future. Considering long-term cooperation as preferable, Arsis aims to maintain long-standing partner relations with the Customers.

Our company relies on the Customer’s requirements while making decisions at any stage of the information system lifecycle. At the design stage Arsis engineers carry out application domain business process analysis together with the Customer and, if necessary, their modification and re-engineering. The result of such work is an agreed preliminary design taking into account the Customer’s requests and with the Customer’s direct assistance.


Individual approach, transparency of the proposed solutions, perfect methods of finished product testing make Arsis systems maximum efficient. A number of Russian and foreign companies have chosen Arsis as an information system supplier that proves the high professional level of the company. Among our Customers there are enterprises that provide different services such as ground handling of air cargo carriages, medical equipment supply, microelectronics as well as clinics, hospitals, trading and manufacturing enterprises.


Thanks to the considerable experience in development of software for the enterprises working in different fields Arsis feels confident working in any field. Arsis has a necessary set of technologies available to develop efficient systems in familiar and new application domains.

The system approach to the tasks assigned together with leading-edge technologies application always allow Arsis to achieve the best results.


We are interested in partners offering long-term cooperation in development, maintenance and upgrade of corporate information systems and their components.